Re: [Tutor] Book recommendations

Magnus Lycka magnus at
Thu Apr 29 07:25:55 EDT 2004

> can anyone suggest good/great python newbie books? i use to own Alan 
> Gauld's excellent book, but i'm also looking for others.

I think Chris Fehily's book is rather nice.

It's also fairly cheap and reasonably brief.

Of course, any paper book is bound to be a little out
of date rather soon.

Most of the examples in the book (and there are plenty)
use the interactive interpreter to explore various features
of Python. I think that's a good idea--the interpreter *is*
very useful for learning Python, so getting used to exploring
Python like this is probably a good idea.

It might be a bit of a hurdle for the programmer to figure 
out how to actually apply these things in a normal program

But there are plenty of online tutorials and code resources
to complement this book with.

E.g. (also published on paper now) (Do you need 
to register for this now? Stupid Sophos!)

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