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Patric Michael patric at usa.net
Fri Dec 31 08:12:55 CET 2004

Hi Jacob...

> But who are you all, what are you're ages, what do you do, marriage
> status, etc? You obviously don't have to answer, I'm just curious who
> I'm boldly sending emails to.

I figure since I bit the bullet and actually posted a reply, I best answer 
this as well in the faint hope of why I don't answer much... :)

I'm 43 (just), no kids, no wife, no life.  I work in entertainment and you'll 
have seen any number of things I've worked on, but you wont ever see 
me in the credits. 

I barely survived high school so college was out of the question.  I 
started in BASIC on a TI99 4a.  Learned DOS on an IBM 8088.  Unix 
was next and now I manage a few servers. I got into python (I am by no 
means fluent) because I tried writing cgi scripts in perl and got dizzy.  It 
also reminds me of mushcode, which I am pretty good at.   I know just 
enough LISP to get myself in trouble because I am utterly fascinated 
with the idea of  AI.



> Jacob Schmidt
> P.S.
> I'm a student. 14 years. Play the piano better than I write scripts.
> Single. etc.
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