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Kooser, Ara S askoose at sandia.gov
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    I have posted in here a few times asking questions about data filtering.
I have part of a code set-up for removing header information and then
extracting a column of data (thanks to the python list for help and book
recommendations) then writing the column to another file. My question is
twofold: How do I maintain a columned format when I write the data to a new
file? When I place the data extracting part of my program into the big
filter program I receive the error (I am guessing I have an indent problem
or syntax):

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Python23\filter.py", line 49, in ?
    input ()
  File "<string>", line 0  
SyntaxError: unexpected EOF while parsing.

I have included both the extracting code and the filter code I am trying to
place the extracting code in. Thank you very much. 

import string

inp = open("out.txt","r")
outp = open("out2.txt","w")

for line in inp.readlines():
    words = string.split(line)
    if len(words) >= 1: 

    def filterFile(infname,outfname):
        inp = open(infname, "r") #opens the file lmps for reading
        outp = open(outfname, "w") #creates the file out.txt for writing
        while 1: #Starts a loop looking for lines with "I" and then writes
out all other lines
            text = inp.readline()
            if text =="":
                break #if there is no text break from the while loop and
            if text[0] =="I": #removes all lines starting with I
            if text[0] =="0": #removes all lines starting 0
            outp.write(text) #writes the remaining lines to out.txt
        inp.close() #closes lmps.txt
        outp.close() #closes out.txt
    filterFile("lmps.txt","out.txt") #calls the function to execute it
    print "Header information has been removed" #tells you that the job has
been completed
    input ()

    import string
    inp = open("out.txt","r")
    outp = open("out2.txt","r")
    for line in inp.readlines():
        words = string.split(line)
        if len(words) >= 1: 


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