[Tutor] Where should I save my programs?

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Jul 2 13:10:35 EDT 2004

> I have been saving my programs directly in C:\Python23\. When
> through help and listing the available modules, it lists all of my
> 'programs' along with the modules.
> Some files I write are destined to be temporary, while others are
> permanent projects. I also download examples that I would like to
> seperate from my 'junk'.

Personally I have a PROJECTS folder on my E: (Data) drive.
Under that I have different languages that I program in:

lisp, c, pascal, java, perl, tcl, python etc...

Under python I have lib and test

I put stuff I might someday use as a module in the lib folder
and all my little one-offs in the test folder.

I added the E:\PROJECTS\Python\lib folder to my PYTHONPATH
environment variable.

I usually start off saving to test and if it works and looks
useful then move the working version to the lib folder. If
I was being fussy (as I was for my book) I used RCS to version
control the files too.

It works for me :-)

If I was doing a large project with lots of files I'd create
a separate project structure for it under PROJECTS...

Alan G.

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