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Hi, Nick!

Well, yes, I'm quite new to Python though I have extensive experience with java. It's just the matter of "media", I prefer reading from paper sitting in the open air, that's it. ;) And imho there's no use writing numerous 'hello world' programs, some real tasks would be better for learning. And the task I've described, I think it should be quite natural for this programming language (am I wrong?). Actually this is the purpose I need it for. :)

Thanks for the reply!

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> Quoting "Dmitriy D." <vk33 at mail.ru>:
> > Thanks a lot, Brian!
> > Hopefully I'll be able to get the printed version, seems like it's a really
> > useful book.
> > That's a pity he didn't convert it to PDF...
> >
> Hi Dmitriy,
> I've got the book, and I dont know at what level your Python skills are at, but
> it's not for the fainthearted. You really need to be clued up with python
> before the book will make much sense.
> Well thats my opinion anyway ;)
> Nick.
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