[Tutor] Re: Looking for feedback

Thorsten Kampe thorsten at thorstenkampe.de
Sat May 1 06:10:38 EDT 2004

* Alan Gauld (2004-05-01 10:39 +0100)
> I've just uploaded the first few pages of my re-written tutorial.
> The look and feel is a bit more modern (only slightly!) and is 
> based on the style sheet created for the Czech version by Petr Prykl.
> The rewritten chapters contain more material, more diaghrams and 
> use VBScript and Javascript instead of QBASIC and Tcl as 
> comparison languages. There is more info on the alternate 
> languages too. They also try to address most of the comon 
> questions raised by newbies on this list - like how to stop 
> programs running and immediately closing etc...
> I'd appreciate any early feedback on the new look, the new content,
> and the use of VBScript and Javascript.

You'd probably get more feedback if the the new version would be
downloadable for offline browsing - at the moment the download links
lead to a 404.

I'd prefer a white or beige (or perhaps light grey) background for
readability reasons.

By the way: frames are generally not useful and make the use of a
website more difficult.


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