[Tutor] CGI oddity

Jonathan Hayward jsh47 at cam.ac.uk
Tue May 25 11:02:07 EDT 2004


There is a daemon server and a thin web client which queries the server. 
If, in the server, I change configuration_class.get_action_method() to 
return "post" instead of "get" (so we have """<form ... 
method="post">"""), queries frequently hang. I'd like to have the forms 
use "post" so I don't have to worry about data size.

The thin client pickles and dumps cgi.FieldStorage() to a socket, which 
is then read and deserialized by 
multitasking_manager.handle_oracle_query() in the third line or so, in 
the server.

Can anyone offer a suggestion that will fix or circumvent the hanging if 
I use the "post" method?

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