[Tutor] SSL Suggestions

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Tue Nov 9 18:55:48 CET 2004

If you need to talk to a web server using HTTPS, I think the urllib 
module supports HTTPS directly. Try something like

import urllib
data = urllib.urlopen('https://myserver.com/myresource').read()

If you need a socket-level interface, look at the sockets module, it has 
an ssl() function that creates an SSL connection.


Ben wrote:
> Hi,
>   I'm working on a C++ project and we got a curve ball
> the other day.  They what to extend the project by
> allowing it to except a data feed from a secure
> server.  We were able to connect and get data using
> Perl.  We would like to use imbedded Python instead. 
> I'm new to Python with no experience in SSL.
>   I did look at the python.org to see what classes
> where available, but my inexperience didn't help
> understand how to use the documentation offered.  And
> I looked at the Python Cryptography mailing list, I
> didn't find much to jump start me.
>   Any suggestions on where to start.  Thanks in
> advance for considering my question.
> Ben
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