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Klas Marteleur klas.martelleur at telia.com
Thu Nov 11 22:45:27 CET 2004

Is it possible to buy your latest tutor as a book?


söndagen den 7 november 2004 13.40 skrev Alan Gauld:
> Its taken much longer than expected but my all-new, all-singin'
> all-dancin' web tutor is officially launched!
> Thanks to all those who submitted comments on the drafts.
> A quick summary of the new features:
> - Uses Python 2.3 as the main language
>     Not all features but where there have been changes in preferred
>     approach these are adopted, for example string methods etc.
> - Uses VBScript and JavaScript as comparison languages
>     Wheras Tcl and QBASIC were strictly used for comparisons and only
> given
>     about 25% of the coverage of Python VBScript and JavaScript now
> get
>     around 75% of Python's coverage. I believe you could actually
> learn
>     these languages from the tutor now.
> - Has new chapters on text processing and regular expressions
>     The text processing was very thin, there is much more on using
>     string methods and a whole intro to regular expressions, basically
>     reproducing the regex chapter from my book.
> - has many more examples
>     This was one comon criticism, hopefully the increased code count
>     will keep folks happy. There will inevitably be bugs so if you
>     find any please let me know so i can fix 'em!
> - has much more detailed explanations - overall its about 50% bigger
> My priorities for the immediate future are getting two new
> translations
> loaded onto the site - an update of the Czech one based on the new
> material, and a brand new Polish edition also based on the new
> material.
> After that I'll be starting a series of new topics focused on
> practical
> applications: using os, path, CGI, sockets, xml etc...
> Enjoy, and as ever send that feedback to me.
> Alan G.
> http://www.freenetpages.co.uk/hp/alan.gauld/
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