[Tutor] how do i use p2exe

Dick Moores rdm at rcblue.com
Mon Nov 15 08:51:50 CET 2004

Thanks for fixing it Jacob. Works fine now. With batch file, too. Very handy.


Jacob S. wrote at 08:45 11/14/2004:
>I see what's wrong with my code. First, to Kent, what's wrong with trying to
>automate py2exe? It drives me batty to have to open the command prompt in
>Windows and then go to the python23 folder and type in "python setup.py
>py2exe" which I can't remember when I need it. Then, I always have to change
>setup.py every time I want to use py2exe. I think that if you can get it to
>work, automation would be beautiful. (It works on my machine.)
>     Second, to Dick.
>There are one or two things wrong with the code I gave you. It was late.
>However, you did not use the raw_inputs quite as I would have expected. So,
>a detailed run through.
>First, change my setup.py to read as follows:
>##Start of code
>### Start of Code ###
>from distutils.core import setup
>import py2exe
>import os
>def lookdir():
>     m = ['y','ye','yes','yep','okay','affirmative','sure']
>     print "Current directory is: %s" % os.getcwd()
>     look = raw_input('Do you wish to see what\'s in directory? ')
>     if look.lower() in m:
>         print "\n".join(os.listdir(os.getcwd()))
>def changedir():
>     m = ['y','ye','yes','yep','okay','affirmative','sure']
>     ## Here I have to define m again because of local variables. Ughh.
>     lookdir()
>     ask = raw_input('Do you want the current directory? ')  ## Had to fix
>this, brain fart.
>     while ask not in m:
>         di = raw_input('What directory do you want? ')
>         os.chdir(di)
>         lookdir()
>         ask = raw_input('Do you want this directory? ')
>listed = []
>while 1:
>     ask = raw_input('What is the file you want as an executable? (Type
>\'quit\' to break out of loop) ')
>     if ask == 'quit' or ask == 'stop' or ask == '':
>         break
>     else:
>         listed.append(os.path.join(os.getcwd(),ask))
>setup(console = listed)
>### End of Code ###
>Okay, the batch file should be okay...
>But just in case...
>rem Start of Code
>@echo off
>cd\python23  rem Change this line to your python directory
>start python setup.py py2exe
>rem End of Code
>I made a couple of changes to the code above.
>Okay, a complete walkthrough.
>1) Copy setup.py code to file in python directory
>2) Copy batch file code to any convenient directory.
>3) Run batch file
>4) You should get a python console program.
>5) Okay the nitty-gritty, cross your fingers, hope I have it right this
>6) It should show current directory, ask you if you want to see what's in it
>7) It should ask you whether you want the current dir
>8) If you say no, then it will ask you for a new directory. It will run
>through steps 6-8
>     until you say that you want the current directory
>9) It will ask you what file you want until you type in quit. This is for
>multiple file executables.
>     Each thing you type in other than quit will be thought of as a file in
>the current directory.
>      ''        ''        ''    ''    ''    ''        ''    ''      ''    ''
>put in the executable directory.
>10) When you type quit in step 9, it will make executables for every other
>thing you typed in.
>11) Python console should disappear.
>12) In the directory that the files are in, you should have two folders,
>build and dist.
>13) Dist is the folder that you are looking for, build is another helper
>folder that doesn't really do         anything as far as I can tell. It can
>be deleted.
>14) Run each executable in the dist folder. The ones that have the same
>names as the files you             typed in should all work. (There is
>another executable in there that doesn't stand alone. It's part     of the
>15) You can rename the dist folder anything you want.
>16) You have to leave everything in the dist folder intact.
>17) You should probably put shortcuts to the programs in a more convenient
>18) That should be it. If it doesn't work now, I should be very unhappy and
>I would like to know     why it doesn't work!
>I hope this will help someone,
>Jacob Schmidt
>Tutor maillist  -  Tutor at python.org

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