[Tutor] Pythonw.exe doesn't work in the python2.4 distribution?

Jacob S. keridee at jayco.net
Sun Nov 28 23:19:32 CET 2004

Hi everybody.

    I just installed Python2.4 by my Python2.3 folder in the C directory.
I'm running WindowsXP. I tried to run any scripts of mine afterwards, but
they didn't work. After messing with file associations, I finally can
execute the scripts using python24. However, the "Edit with IDLE" command in
the shorcut menu (right-click pull down menu) no longer worked. So I went to
the registry (I know the risks involved) and checked out the commands and
the like. I found a key named Python.File which had subsequent keys
Shell,Edit with IDLE, and command. In the command key, there was a string
value that told the shortcut menu to run the command
"C:\python24\pythonw.exe" "C:\python24\lib\idlelib\idle.pyw -n -e %1" when
Edit with IDLE was selected from the shortcut menu. I played with the above
string doing things like "C:\python24\pythonw.exe"
"C:\python24\lib\idlelib\idle.py -n-e %1", and I even tried using the
idle.bat file in the directory. The only time it worked was when I change
pythonw.exe to python.exe. Now this is fine and dandy, but I want IDLE to
run without a console. So currently, the above string reads,

"C:\python23\pythonw.exe" "C:\python24\lib\idlelib\idle.pyw -n -e %1"

A few things...

1) Can anyone explain why pythonw.exe doesn't do what it is supposed to do
in python24?
2) Can anyone directo me to a new pythonw.exe that works? Is all of the
python included in the pythonXX.dll? IOW, could I copy the pythonw.exe file
from the python23 distribution and still have all the functionality of
3) Can anyone off-hand tell me what the arguments -n and -e mean in the
above string? Does anybody know of a list of these? (Not urgent, if no one
knows, I won't bother extensively searching for one.)

Thanks in advance for anyone who can help with the above three things.
Jacob Schmidt

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