[Tutor] Hello from a beginner!

Gavin Henry ghenry at python.me.uk
Tue Oct 19 17:16:55 CEST 2004

Nicholas.Montpetit at deluxe.com said:
> I'm completely new to this list (and Python) so I just wanted to say hello
> and introduce myself.
> I have a lot of experience with Perl, but I've been hearing enough good
> stuff about Python that it seems like I'm overdue time to pick it up.  My
> early readings (from O'Reilly's LEARNING PYTHON) lead me to believe that
> it should be an excellent language for GUI apps, scientific computing, and
> cross-platform apps.  Along with reading the O'Reilly book, I hope this
> list will get me up to speed quickly.

I'm in exactly the same situation, just coming from perl and starting the
O'reilly book.


Just getting into the python language....
Fancy a yourname at python.me.uk? Just ask!!!

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