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Ali Polatel alipolatel at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 25 21:32:19 CEST 2004

 Dear tutors,
 I have written a programme for windows (no GUI but some commands which create and write things in text files)
 I want to modify this programme so that it will work in Linux...
 I think there is no need to change the usual functions and classes all I need to do is a modification in creating files outside the programme.
 If anyone who knows how to do this in Linux can you tell me the equivalent of the function in Linux?:
  go.write('Hello world\n')
Another thing is in windows the programme can understand it self-directory with os.getcwd() command...Can we also do it in Linux?I mean for example when I do:
import os
the interpreter gives "c:\python23"
How to do same in Linux?
And I am not someone who is acquianted with Linux..Can someone create directories in Linux?(like the mkdir() function in windows)
Thanks all for your help
Ali Polatel

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