[Tutor] recommended IDE for windows?

Mike Hansen mhansen at cso.atmel.com
Wed Oct 27 17:50:45 CEST 2004

A lot of people like Scite. I fired it up, but haven't played with it much.

I have used Activestate's Komodo. It's not free. The personal edition is 
something like $30. The professional edition is around $250-$300. There 
are some really neat features like background syntax checking and code 

Another editor/IDE I want to look into is Eclipse. Pydev is a plug-in 
for it. I'm kind of in the wait and see mode on this one.

I've said this before..., you might take a look at emacs or vim. They 
have a steep learning curve, but they run on multiple platforms, so you 
don't have to learn a new editor when you are on Solaris or Linux. The 
point of emacs and vim is to keep your hands on the keyboard which 
supposedly makes you more productive. I'm digging into vim more and 
more. I tried emacs three times, and it didn't click with me. YMMV.  
Although vim doesn't have tabs, it has buffers, and you can display a 
buffer list. There are plenty of ways to configure emacs and vim do work 
mostly the way you want.

I sometimes use JEdit for working on HTML since it does a great job of 
auto-completing tags for you. It think it also does syntax highlighting 
for Python.

There's a list of editors at the Python web 
You can also search this list for earlier discussions on editors/IDEs.


Rene Lopez wrote:

>anyone have any recommendations for a good IDE for python on windows? 
>Preferably free if possible :)  So far I've been using idle, which
>works but seems pretty basic, would be nice to have some sort of IDE
>with tabs instead of multiple windows....helps keep the desktop clean

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