[Tutor] Re: snippets helps

Andrei project5 at redrival.net
Tue Apr 19 08:46:05 CEST 2005

Chris Smith <smichr <at> bigfoot.com> writes:

> I have often wished for some small examples to break into the sometimes 
> dense technical notation. Has the python community ever considered 
> writing the "annotated documentation resource?" It would be nice if the 

I remember someone made some time ago a sort of shell around the Python docs
which allowed adding comments to the official docs. The Python docs are loaded
in a frame, the comments are stored separately by this system. It doesn't seem
to be very widely used, but it's probably still worth a look:

> documentation had more examples that were "VERY SIMPLE" to demonstrate 
> the use of some function or its arguments.

I agree, simple examples are indeed lacking in some parts of the docs. The
cookbook covers the more difficult options/tricks. I'd say Useless Python could
be a candidate for storing such simple examples, but I'm not sure it really has
the infrastructure required to search e.g. for examples using pickle.

> perhaps a link to another page would be better. Would a rating system 
> allow the snippets that people find most useful to rise to the top of 
> the examples?

It would indeed, if someone implemented it :).

> would get used or not.  Perhaps the personal feedback of the tutor list 
> is more effective.

OTOH, finding it yourself is faster than waiting for a reply.



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