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Quoting Suranga Sarukkali <surangasa at gmail.com>:

> Hay, you know what? when I connect to the internet the modem software(Error
> Free Software for Sure)  say's a around 50-53.3Kbps connected though when I
> download a file from a server not p2ps or any of the kind service the
> downloads are even when connection is idle without any other method of
> bandwidth usage the downloads are at 4 Kilobytes per second but that should
> be around 8 Kilobytes per second as a thumb rule, you know that right? so I
> wonder is it's the malware or any type or WHAT could be the reason or even
> not how to get the said 53.3k (8KBs per second) download rate to my pc? oh
> remember to reply to me as soon as possible.

Hi Suranga,

This is a Python programming group.  If you have any Python questions, then this
is the place to ask them.  However, Anything outside of that scope will
probably not get you too much help.  ;-)


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