[Tutor] python watchfolder as daemon

Alex Hunsley lard at tardis.ed.ac.uk
Thu Nov 10 18:02:23 CET 2005

Frank Hoffsümmer wrote:

>Hello all,
>I found this gem of a python recipe that allows me to monitor a hierarchy of
>folders on my filesystem for additions / changes / removals of files: 
>I would like to monitor a folder hierarchy using this script but now I
>wonder what would be the best way to have this watchfolder script running at
>all times in the background?
>nohup python watchfolder.py myfolder &
>? would that be suitable?? or is there a way to launch a process like that
>from python that detaches itself from the shell?
Using nohup should certainly work fine.
Make sure you understand what happens to any standard (etc.) output  
from your script when you use it with nohup - i.e. read the nohup man page!

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