[Tutor] Lost Color Lost Mind]

Terry Kemmerer wildcard2005 at comcast.net
Fri Sep 23 02:53:10 CEST 2005

> Just learning Python....
> Running:
>         Python 2.4.1 (#2, Aug 25 2005, 18:20:57) 
>         [GCC 4.0.1 (4.0.1-2mdk for Mandriva Linux
> release 2006.0)] on
> linux2
> Concerning: IDLE
> I tried several fonts, and finally changed the font
> on IDLE to courier
> size 22 bold, so that it is easier for my old eyes
> to read, and while
> the shell window still has color depicting the
> structure, the program
> window is now displaying only in black. (I also
> forgot what font IDLE
> originally was set on. A mind is such a terrible
> thing to loose...) 
> Question:  How do I get color back in my programming
> window???   (It's
> soooo pretty that way!)
> Thanks!
> Terry

Until you save the program window to a file with a
'.py' extension, IDLE doesn't realize it's Python
source code so it doesn't do any syntax highlighting.


Ha! Thanks Don!

I knew this was a dumb question. But, Tricky! Tricky! No wonder I 
couldn't find a combo of changes to revert things back. I kept looking 
at my test programs, and they were all in color because I always 
type the first word and SAVE to start a file! (a habit) I never noticed 
the difference. 
You just saved me a lot of confusion time wondering if I had broken something.

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