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Andrew P grouch at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 15:34:44 CEST 2005

I've used CherryPy on a couple of projects now. I use it with HTMLTemplate (
http://freespace.virgin.net/hamish.sanderson/htmltemplate.html) and
SQLObject (http://sqlobject.org/).

This has the advantage of being about as Pythonic as you can get, since
everything you manipulate is represented as an object. HTMLTemplate is
especially nice since it completely separates the html from your code. I
can, have, and do change the interface frequently with impunity, and vice
versa. Contrast this with something like inline PHP. It's also editable in
any old wsywig HTML editor. But you are free to choose whatever persistent
storage and templating system you like.

CherryPy is low level, and will force you to make decisions about what
templating you want to use, and what you want to use for a backend. But the
upside is, it feels no different than writing any other program. Just do
what you've always done, choose supporting packages you like, and it's off
to the races. It's even it's own webserver. So edit, run, edit run. Same as

I can tell you why I didn't choose some others. Zope is a chunky,
labyrinth-like framework. My friend runs Plone, built with Zope, and it's
easily the most resource heavy thing running on my server. That just sent me
running. Webware uses some sort of JSP/ASP/PHP alike, which makes me cringe
in horror. HTML and code do not belong together in a big inline spaghetti
lovefest. IMHO :)

Twisted is an "asynchronous networking framework", and I haven't used it,
but actually looks fairly small, has it's own webserver, and a very very
nice looking templating system which has the same philosophy as
HTMLTemplate, but has some really cool feautures like livepage, which seems
to be the same thing as AJAX, a la google maps. I just haven't had a reason
to check it out, but it would be first on my list to check. It's more of a
kitchen sink approach, or general purpose if you prefer, but does seem cool.
So if you are looking for something like that, well. Build websites, write
chat programs!

OK. Enough early morning rambling :) Good luck choosing.

On 9/27/05, Don Jennings <djennings3 at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Earlier this month, Kent posted that Jython and Velocity are a good way
> to develop dynamic web sites. After a little searching, it seems that
> there are quite a few options for web development in Python (perhaps
> too many?). So, rather than ask for recommendations of which one to
> use, what I would really like to know are how people decided to use any
> particular framework.
> Thanks!
> Don
> P.S. As an aside, does anyone have any experience with django? (I
> really like the name since I am fond of django reinhardt, the jazz
> guitarist.)
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