[Tutor] [webbrowser] some help on an error running mozilla firefox

Rinzwind w.damen at gmail.com
Sun Jan 22 17:19:42 CET 2006

Why does this:

     >>> import webbrowser
     >>> webbrowser.open('http://www.google.com")

give me this:

     run-mozilla.sh: Cannot execute /opt/firefox/mozilla-firefox-bin.

Is this bacause 'webbrowser' does not know about the identification of 1.5?

(I do not want to do it like this:

     >>> import os
     >>> os.system ('firefox http://www.google.com')

bacause not all of us use firefox :) )

Oh and can I, when I open a new browserwindow, force it to open in the same
workspace as I am with my pythonprogram and not inside another workspace
where I have a browser window open?

Any enlightment would be appreciated :-)
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