[Tutor] Senior Project With Python

derroach at stu.usd376.com derroach at stu.usd376.com
Thu Jan 19 03:46:57 CET 2006


My name is Deric Roach, and I am a senior at Sterling High School in Sterling,
Kansas. This year, the school is conducting senior projects. For my senior
project, I have decided to learn the python programming language and design a
simple (yet amusing) role-playing game. For the undertaking, I must find a
"mentor" to assist my development, guide my progress, and prepare me for the
final presentation of the finished product. This mentor is to put in around 10
hours of service from now until the end of April, at which point the projects
will be completed. I would like to find somebody who would be willing to help
me out and adopt the title of "mentor." You don't necessarily have to be
fluent in Python, but you must be able to give me guidance in the way of
programming and/or game development. If you live farther away than is of
convenience, we could maintain an e-mail partnership. A thank you all, and to
all a "thank you.

Deric E. Roach

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