[Tutor] database web app, what tool?

Paulino paulino1 at sapo.pt
Mon Oct 2 01:46:04 CEST 2006


Im a very biginner in programming and I started with python, witch I 
found much easier tahn i thought.

I want to build an intranet page in my organization that shows some data 
from our financial aplication's database.

For the starting point I would like it to show invoices lists per 
supplier and link each line to a pdf image of the selected invoice that 
is stored in a determined folder.

The aim is only to make querys and show the results. No updates, nor 

The database is MS SQL 2005

Right now I connect to the database via pymssql, and i can retrieve data 
and send it to a wx.Grid or to a reportlab pdf file, with platypus 
tables (a couple of months ago i would say i'd never be able to do it... 
and now i want to do more...)

Now I want to send it to the browser so the administration can see it 
every time they need.

What tool is more suitable?

There are so many options!

Zope-Plone have it's own web server, so less config is required. But i 
can't find any recipe or tutorial usefull for this task...

there is also django, turbogears, webware, apache and mod-python.....

Thank you


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