[Tutor] Generic Application Frameworks?

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	Just incase anyone doesn't want to see that document to know
what I'm asking about...
	Razor/Carbon includes:
	Auto Update
	Plugin System with management
	Error reporting
	Its got a few other features, but these are my focus. 
	On 10/19/06, Chris Hengge <pyro9219 at gmail.com> wrote: 

		I was curious if there are any frameworks around like
carbon/razor implimented in razor? 
		Here's a link with information about razor (.net 1.1
versin of carbon)
		If not, is there any reason why? (limitation of python?)

You might ask on comp.lang.python.
You might also do a search at http://cheeseshop.python.org/pypi

I did a search for 'application framework' and came up with 

Most of the other hits were for web application frameworks.

Do you feel you need an application framework?

I don't believe there's any limitation in python. I suspect it's mostly



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