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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Tue Aug 14 01:09:46 CEST 2007

"Khamid Nurdiev" <khamid.nurdiev at gmail.com> wrote

> This book by M. Zelle is getting really difficult shortly
> after that section

I can't comment on the specific book but unfortunately its
a common phenomenon that "beginner" books start of easy
then suddenly get much harder. This is partly because it is
very hard for an experienced programmer to think like a true
beginner, there is just so much we take for granted as obvious.

> the recommendations on books for beginners i have ordered the book 
> "Core
> Python Programming" by Wesley Chun, so comparing those two books 
> which one
> is more suitable  (recommended) for a beginner to both python and
> programming?

Wes' book is a very good book on Python, personally I think it might
be quite fast paced and detailed for a beginner to programming but
there are plenty tutorials on the web for that, including mine! :-)

> Here in our local library, the first edition of "Core python 
> programming"
> is available so i guess i will use it till I receive the second 
> edition, ...
> . Is there much difference between the first and second editions?

In the detauil yes but not in the fundamental principles. Especially
the early chapters seem pretty similar. Mind you I've only looked
at the second edition in depth, I've only seen the first edition in 

> also one more book, i haven't ordered it yet, is the "Python from 
> novice to
> professional" by Magnus Lie Hetland, is it worth ordering and 
> studying for a
> complete noob?

No idea but you really don't want too many introductory texts,
you will rarely look at them once you learn how to program.
(Wes' book is a good exception since he has a lot of "under the 
stuff about how python works which even experienced pythonistas can


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