[Tutor] python24dll not found

Tim Golden mail at timgolden.me.uk
Wed Feb 7 17:52:11 CET 2007

[... snip slightly complex problem involving different
versions of Python and possibly mismatched module imports ...]

> Now all my programs, including the new one, are working again. I have no
> clue what caused this. I've searched Google but I can't find a hit similar
> to my configuration and situation. Does anyone have an idea as to what
> could have caused this?

While I don't, a useful debugging aid here is the -v/-vv switch
to the Python interpreter. If you start python with -vv, you'll
get the most verbose output showing exactly where the interpreter
is trying to find your module (and every other module it needs
to get going). You'd best redirect the output to a log file,
but it can be very helpful:

python -vv -c "import pymssql" 2> temp.log
grep pymssql temp.log

(or open it in an editor or whatever).

The -v switch gives less output, but isn't as useful if
the import fails.


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