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Bill Campbell bill at celestial.net
Fri Feb 16 05:50:25 CET 2007

On Thu, Feb 15, 2007, Luke Paireepinart wrote:
>Bill Campbell wrote:
>> The major reason for not setting Reply-To: thelist is that it makes it
>> *SLIGHTLY* more difficult to post something to the list and replys should
>> go to the sender.  IHMO, one should have to go to a little bit of effort
>> before posting a message that may go to thousands of recipients.
>> Using the ``mutt'' mailer, this effort is simply pressing ``L'' instead of
>> ``r'' when posting to the list and adding the listname to the subscribe
>> section of ~/.muttrc, hardly a major inconvenience.
>It's not the inconvenience but the fact that it's nonstandard, as far as 
>every mailing list i've been on except this.

Hardly non-standrd.  The option for this in the Mailman MLM is:

     Where are replies to list messages directed? Poster is strongly
     recommended for most mailing lists.

I've been maintaining various technical mailing lists for over twenty years
now, and see this same thread come up many times.

Having the Reply-To: to the original poster minimizes the probability of
somebody sending mail to a list that was intended for the original poster
(which may be private).  The only advantage of having it set to the list is
it makes it easier for lazy people to send nonsense to hundreds of people.

As I said in my original message, it should require a little bit of effort
to send messages to hundreds or thousands of recipients.

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