[Tutor] geeks like us and the rest of THEM

Kirk Bailey deliberatus at verizon.net
Sun Feb 25 08:14:10 CET 2007

Kent Johnson wrote:
> Kirk Bailey wrote:
>> OK, my project is to come up with a wiki which is easy to install and 
>> use in a windows laptop, to wikify the notebook into a hypernotebook.
>> ok, it must be EASY to install. And LEGAL.
>> MiniWiki is in python. I can do it in a self extracting installer as 
>> there is a nice free pone out there someplace- links please? BUT 
>> PYTHON IS ANOTHER MATTER. It needs to have python on the notebook, 
>> which is not the case. It aldso needs a small server in the notebook, 
>> and I have one in python and another in C++, which alas is not freeware.
> You can use py2exe to create an executable that includes Python. You can 
> create a single file executable or a directory that can be packaged up 
> with InnoSetup or another installer maker.
That's part of it. a good installer is another, and I am loo]king at a 
couple.  A solid and drool-proof server is the remaining leg of the 
tripod. So far, none of the servers I have seen are satisfactory on all 
scores- simplicity to install, reliability, economy of cost, (free or 
unlimited license to me for a modest fee) and ease to configure if the 
use\r so wishes. the closest I have yet seen SMALL HTTP SERVER. And it 
is very good.

The wiki code is considerably improved and is working 99.5% right, and 
is almost finished. I need to kick it hard with Doc Martins on to insure 
it is completely righteous before putting it to bed and worrying 
exclusively about the server and installer issues.

This has to be baby carriage reliable and simple for the business road 
warrior who has not a geekified bone in their body.

> Python has a simple built-in web server - see SimpleHTTPServer and 
> CGIHTTPServer modules. Beyond that there are many freely distributed web 
> servers available, CherryPy, Karrigell and Snakelets are all pretty small.
> Kent
>> The hurdle is it must be a legal and simple and almost droolproof 
>> solution from soup to nuts.
>> the beta solution is working in this laptop NOW. Now how do I turn 
>> this into a turnkey solution for THEM?
>> We are geeks. But the end result is intended for pointy haired bosses, 
>> soccer moms with Avon dealerships, and other regular humans. And as 
>> awlays, we must avoid the dread lawyer vampires.

	-Kirk Bailey
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