[Tutor] Two sys.exit questions

Cecilia Alm flickita at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 18:49:14 CET 2007

I have two quick questions:

1) Why does sys.exit() not work in a try clause (but it does in the except

>>> try:
...    print 1
...    sys.exit(0)
... except:
...    print 2
...    sys.exit(0)
# python exited

2) If opening a file fails in the below 2 cases, sys.exit(message) prints a
message in the except clause before program termination.
    Some use file.close() in the except clause (or in a finally clause). It
seems superflous in the below case of read and write. (?)

            file = open('myinfile.txt', 'r')
        except IOError:
            sys.exit('Couldn't open myinfile.txt')

            file = open('myoutfile.txt', 'w')
        except IOError:
            sys.exit('Couldn't open myoutfile.txt')
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