[Tutor] Session from different app or domain

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Tue Jan 2 01:14:34 CET 2007

"anil maran" <anilmrn at yahoo.com> wrote

> Here is the problem the example usage is in Django
> and they are talking about a request object
>    if 'session_key' in request.session and 'uid' in
> request.session:
>        fb.session_key =
> request.session['session_key']
> Anyone can tell me how I can access this in webpy
> Isnt flup something that is set from webpy, 

OK, I'm confused.

Can you clarify what is happening for me?
Are you using Django? Are you using webpy? Or both?
Also what is flup? I've never heard of it...

Also what is the 'this' that you want to access in webpy? 
Is it the request or the session? Or do you want to 
access Django code from webpy?

As I say, I'm confused about what you are using 
and what you want us to help you with?

Alan G.
Who is learning TurnoGears and knows next to 
nothing about webpy and only a little about Django...

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