[Tutor] python web dev

Simon Brunning simon at brunningonline.net
Thu Jan 4 17:25:11 CET 2007

On 1/4/07, OkaMthembo <zebra05 at gmail.com> wrote:
> this is my first post.


> please could you tell me which is the best
> lightweight python web framework?

Best? That's a potentially contensious one. But I can tell you that if
you were to look at either Django or TurboGears you wouldn't be going
too far wrong. (I use Django, but I know that both are good.)

> also, which is the best templating
> language for python? (which can handle other data formats in addition to
> text). so far im lured by Cheetah, although i havent done any web dev with
> python yet.

Cheetah's good, but if you go with Django, it has its own which is
pretty good too. (I use both at times.)

Simon B
simon at brunningonline.net

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