[Tutor] Best IDE for Python

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Fri Jan 26 09:30:06 CET 2007

"OkaMthembo" <zebra05 at gmail.com> wrote

> how useable is vim on Windows? 

Very usable.
I'm an old Unix user who used to use emacs primarily. 
But when I moved to Windoze I found I didn't like emacs 
as much so I moved to vim and I don't regret it.

> I saw on its site that it was developed
> primarily as a Unix tool.

Its an "Improved" version of the vi(sual) editor which 
is the standard editor on Unix. But there is nothing 
that is Unix specific about it. But if you have never 
used vi before there is a steep learning curve 
because vi was designed to be "easy to use" for 
experts not novices. ie it concentrates on delivering 
advanced features in minimal keystrokes rather than 
on making the basic features easy to remember. 
It also works best if you are a touch typist since 
the commands are arranged such that the most 
commonly used are the keys under your fingers 
in the home position - efficiency for experts again...

> i wish i could learn Unix. 

Try using cygwin as an intermediate step.
Even if yuou never make the move to unix you will 
have some power tools for Windows. If you do 
move to Unix you will feel at home after using cygwin.

> which distro do you think is good to learn? 

There is too much made of distros IMHO.
Once you have them installed they are all more or 
less the same. The same tools, the same GUIs.
Its only things like the package installers and 
some admin tools that are different.

Alan G.

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