[Tutor] IDLE Usage - was Interpreter Restarts

jim stockford jim at well.com
Tue Jul 17 19:30:12 CEST 2007

you want a very brief set of vi(m) commands--
a get-you-started tutorial that's nearly painless?
I'll send if "yes".

On Jul 16, 2007, at 9:26 PM, Sara Johnson wrote:

> First off, yes, I was referring to (I guess you could say) a 
> non-python editor.  I use an SSH editor set up by my school.  If I 
> type python at the prompt in SSH, I get the Python shell.  My problem 
> is, I can't open a GUI no matter what I subscribe to or purchase.  I 
> have Python 2.3 and yes, I can access the commandline, but that does 
> not work the way it's been described to work.
> If this still doesn't make any sense, just ignore me...
> Sara
> >>Not quite what we were discussing, but I think you may have given 
> just
> enough clues that i can be of some help. Just for reference ~ which 
> editor
> are you using?
> IDLE is both an editor and a python shell or interpreter. It is not 
> the same
> thing as typing python.exe wherever you might be typing it.
> Typing Python into an editor should put the word "Python" into your
> currently open file. I don't believe that this is what you mean. 
> Perhaps you
> are confusing what exactly is an editor?
> You use Windows you've mentioned before. So here's what you can do. 
> Start ->
> Programs -> Python 2.5 -> Python (commandline)
> This is the python interpreter. As you might already know.
> And then this.
> Start -> Programs -> Python 2.5 -> IDLE (Python GUI)
> This is IDLE. As you probably know.
> Two windows should come up when you click IDLE. One is an editor. The 
> other
> is the python shell, or interpreter. You can open .py files in IDLE by 
> right
> clicking and selecting "Edit with IDLE". At any time that you wish to 
> run a
> program that is open in the editor half of IDLE, hit F5 and the Python 
> shell
> half of IDLE comes to the top and runs the program.
> If doing all that doesn't do what I expect it to do, or you have 
> something
> else in mind, reply back. If it does, then great!
> Oh. And tell me which editor you are using which magically opens a 
> python
> interpreter when you type Python into it. ;-)
> JS
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