[Tutor] IDLE Usage - was Interpreter Restarts

Robert H. Haener IV humbolt at comcast.net
Mon Jul 23 08:14:08 CEST 2007

Alan Gauld wrote:

> I've heard of screen but never used it.
> The biggest problem I can see with it is that you can only see one 
> screen(sic) at a time or use split screens to see partial screens.
> Can you copy/paste between sessions?
> Does it run on a remote server within the SSH client? If so how 
> does it determine screen/window sizes?
> And do you know if you can get it for cygwin - its not installed by 
> default, at least not on my cygwin.
> Alan G

This is the second message I've seen asking some questions about screen which I already answered on the 17th.  I know this is more than a little OT, I'm just wondering if somehow you didn't get that message.


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