[Tutor] Shelve del not reducing file size

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at btinternet.com
Sat Jul 28 15:45:17 CEST 2007

"Andreas Kostyrka" <andreas at kostyrka.org> wrote

>> a lot to build the Tacoma Narrows bridge... Similarly you don't 
>> need
>> much math to build a GUI friont end to a database, but you need
> I would question even that one can write a good GUI frontend to a
> database without the theory behind it. Database design has a number 
> of
> important theoretical foundations ....

But the math is in the design of the database. If it already exists 
GUI design is usually more a matter of good usability design. There
might be a bit of SQL going on but usually a data browser GUI doesn't
need anything sophisticated, that should be hidden in an application
(with API) or in a set of stored proceduresbin the database itself.

> Well, the advanced stuff was there. But the Modula2 introduction to
> programming was a joke, most students did not even understand the
> concept of local variables and procedure parameters after one 
> semester.

Thats bad. As I say our Pascal course was a fairly dull but complete
introduction to elementary programming including file handling and
dynamic data structures. Our final program was Conways game of Life
which had to be able to be paused and saved to disk, and later

Ahhh, the memories!

Alan G. 

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