[Tutor] Calculator research

Andrei project5 at redrival.net
Sat Jun 2 10:18:02 CEST 2007

Hi Adam,

> Ok, this is my research for a better calculator.  I want to make a
> calculator that is much less lame than the one that comes standard
> with windows.  If anyone has any ideas for how to start or some things

A very simple option would be to just call eval() - you get the full 
power of Python at basically no cost. The downside is that you get the 
full power of Python, meaning your calculator could be used for 
'dangerous' things. Depending on your target audience, that may or may 
not be an issue.

> Also, I'd like to know how to make my program have visual qualities,
> like the standard calculator.  I assume that this is either impossible
> or very advanced/difficult, considering I have not previously heard

You mean a GUI, right? It's more difficult than plain CLI, but it's not 
really difficult. Google for wxPython and wxGlade - you can design your 
interface in a point-and-click manner. You will need to learn a bit 
about wxPython in the process, but don't have to become an expert.



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