[Tutor] New Introductory Book

Eddie Armstrong eddie_armstrong at ntlworld.com
Thu Nov 8 12:29:12 CET 2007

wesley chun wrote:
> michael's and david's book spends a bit more time
> introducing the concepts of OOP/OOD more carefully and more though
If it had been half the price I'd have bought it for a strong exposition 
of OO principles in Python. However at less than 700pp and c. £54 in the 
UK it won't be added to my bookshelf.
> most aspects of the selling of
> a book (including its cover price) is almost -always out of the
> control of the author(s).
I wasn't necessarily accusing the authors of anything, how could I? I 
expect marketing thought they'd get more money this way.   As a previous 
poster said it's probably priced for  academic use.
I also realise the cost of producing books etc
If I were allocating books for students I would still spare them the 
exorbitant cost of this and recommend one or both of the other books. 
They could even get 'Core' + 'Programming'(Lutz), over 2000 quality 
pages for less then the price of this.

And I'm quite sure any educational establishment worthy of the name 
would bridge any gaps.

No disrespect to the authors or for what may be an excellent book but 
not for me. And I think it's a shame - if it specialised in the OOP 
aspects - at half the price it would have been a worthy addition to the 
beginners' library.
Just my opinion


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