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Scott SA pydev at rscorp.ab.ca
Wed Nov 28 08:39:19 CET 2007

On 11/27/07, jim stockford (jim at well.com) wrote:
>    I'd love to know scott's definition of "framework", especially
>contrasting with full-blown CMS.

Yes, when one compares something like Quixote to Zope, there is a _lot_ of middle-ground. They are all frameorks, just with incrementally larger feature-sets (a.k.a. bloat and learning curve). I just anecdotally draw anline in the sand when workflows and content start being managed extensively. With the two names above, I classify the first is a framework, the latter is hel^h^h^h a CMS.


>    Frameworks for Python:
>CherryPy · Django · Karrigell · Nevow · Porcupine · Pylons · Spyce · 
>TurboGears · TwistedWeb · Webware · Zope

I just found a new-to-me rather lite framework:

There is also more related info here:

A few years old, but still somewhat informative:

>    Richard, i think from the (very) little investigation i did
>following scott's last post, that you should investigate
>Django. to me it looks like a pretty streamlined "framework"
>that marries a database (your choice of a few) to a web
>server (apache seems their choice) via mod_python.

FastCGI and WSGI are also supported, the latter looks promising. Has an integrated server as well.

>    If you take a look on the top-level page for django
>you should see a link for "DRY principle". Click it and
>read and follow the links in the subsequent pages:
>you'll find an easy-to-read, to-the-point set of links to
>coders' wisdom (Don't Repeat Yourself,
>OnceAndOnlyOnce, YouAren'tGonnaNeedIt, and more).

If nothing else, some of the documentation from the project does cover good general material, as you've pointed out. (I wish I could get my teen-aged kid to figure out the DRY principal... but I digress ;-)

Thanks for the good discussion, Jim. For my part, I think it's  about time for me to stick a fork in it 'cause it's done ;-)

Happy trails!


>On Nov 27, 2007, at 6:49 PM, Richard Querin wrote:
>> Whoa!. Lots of very good advice here. Thanks to all.
>> After reading it all I'm wondering if maybe a templating system like
>> Cheetah might be the way to go for us. I'll have to do a lot more
>> reading and exploring. I'd love to learn something like Django but
>> like it has been said, that's really a framework you'd use to build a
>> CMS. And this site is really a labour of love and not a business
>> venture so the time we invest into it at the moment is kind of in
>> short supply.
>> While we have less than 50 entries at the moment, adding each one is
>> still quite a hack. I've written a small wxpython app to take away
>> some of the pain of it, but it's still prone to corruption and still
>> too much work.
>> I think I'll have to watch some demo's to get a feel for how some of
>> these systems work before going down any specific path, because a lot
>> of it is still Greek to me.
>> Again sincere thanks for all the great info, and I'll try to check
>> back in on this thread once we get going on a solution.
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