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> I'm looking for the perfect IDE, preferably open source.  I've  
> installed Bluefish, which I find to be a little buggy still.  
> I'm just  
> starting to dive into emacs, which I feel is a little daunting.  If  
> someone has tried a few different IDEs and found the one that they  
> love..  I'd be interested in your insight!
> Thank you!
> Sean

Since you mentioned Bluefish, I'm assuming you are on a Linux/Unix

SPE(I'm not sure if it's open source, but it's free)
Komodo Edit
Eclipse w/Pydev

I use VIM the majority of the time. The company I work for purchased
Komodo IDE for me, and I use it off and on. I do my development on a
Windows XP machine mostly for web applications that run on a Linux box. 


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