[Tutor] Hands-on beginner's project?

nathan virgil sdragon1984 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 24 17:37:00 CEST 2008

I'm very new to Python, and (to a slightly lesser extent) programming in
general. I'd like to get some experience by practicing simple-yet-functional
programs, with a bit of an emphasis on games. The first game I'd like to
attempt would be a simple, non-linear story, similar to those
choose-your-adventure books. I don't want to start with anything too
complicated, like having mapped-out directions, or interactive objects,
although I do eventually want to get into stuff like that.

Python seems to me like it would be a good language for this sort of stuff.
I figure I just need to use a lot of print, if/elif/else, raw_input(), and a
ton and a half of variables. My problem at the moment is that I don't know
how to get from one section of the story to the next. I vaguely remember
reading about some language using a "goto" command for something like this,
but I'm not sure how that would be handled in Python.

A rough idea of what I'm trying to do (in a presumably hypothetical
language) would be something like this:

0100  print "Ahead of you, you see a chasm.
0200 jump = raw_input("Do you wish to try jumping over it? Y/N")
0300 if jump = Y:
0400       goto 1700
0500 if jump = N:
0600      goto 2100

Does this make any sense? Is there some way I could do this in Python? Any
and all help is definitely appreciated!
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