[Tutor] add to list

Kent Johnson kent37 at tds.net
Sat Mar 22 23:12:20 CET 2008

elis aeris wrote:
> there is no pattern in the numbers.

Then how do you expect to create them automatically? I don't understand 
that part of the question.

> two strings that look like "",  youknow,   str(int) + "." + 
> str(int) + "." and so forth
> are presented and they equal to a value, which is the third string.
> in short, given the first two strings,  return the third string from the 
> list.

That sounds like you want a dict whose key is a tuple of the first two 
strings, and the value is the third string. For example,
In [11]: d = { ('a', 'b'): '1',
    ....:   ('c', 'd'): '2' }
In [12]:
In [12]: d['a', 'b']
Out[12]: '1'


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