[Tutor] Help on finding the 1000th prime

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Mon Nov 16 18:28:09 CET 2009

mrholtsr at sbcglobal.net wrote on 11/16/2009 10:56:07 AM:

> I have posted this on other lists, but have just discovered this one. 

        Welcome to the list.  I am sure you will find plenty of folks here 
who will be happy to help you.

> Can someone give me help on writing the code 
> necessary to find the 1000th. prime number.

        I seem to recall this problem was recently discussed on the list. 
If you do a quick search you should be able to find a few pointers on one 
way to solve it. 

> I know I will have to use a while loop, but I can't seem to get the body 

> of the code to function rightly. I would appreciate any help. 

        The way this list works you will have to give us something to work 
from.  Show us what you tried, how it failed (any error messages, etc), 
what you re thinking, and where you are stuck.  We won't do the work for 
you but try and lead you to the answers. 

> I am taking the online course Introduction to Computer 
> Science and Programming from the MIT website and this is one of their 
assignments. The on campus students are able to 
> collaborate with one another, but I live in Ohio. Thanks, Ray 

        Good luck with the class, and feel free to ask questions here.

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