[Tutor] Any recommend of UML tool and UI design tool for python?

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Wed Dec 15 12:43:03 CET 2010

Thank you very much and thank you Alan.
Definitely I will take a look. I would prefer the paid version and I
will need the support.

On 12/12/10, Knacktus <knacktus at googlemail.com> wrote:
> Am 12.12.2010 19:16, schrieb Alan Gauld:
>> "cajsdy" <cajsdy at gmail.com> wrote
>>> Either paid or free open source is fine.
>>> I'm creating automation frame work. Idealy it includes:
>>> test plan management,
>>> test manager across windows, unix, linux, solaris and other os.
>>> UML documentation for python scripts
>>> IDE tool for python on windoes and linux
>>> UI design tool for python(best is integrated with IDE)
>> Eclipse would be the logical choice and there are a few free
>> UML editor plug-ins. I've tried one (can't recall the name) and
>> although a bit clunky compared to commercoal versions it
>> worked fine for small class and sequence diagrams.
>> If you don't need full CASE modelling facilities someting
>> like a drawing tool such as Dia, Visio or Smartdraw might
>> suffice.
>> If you want full CASE features (model validation, simulation,
>> code generation, reverse engineering fof diagrams from code, etc)
>> then I think you will need to pay - and probably quite a lot! I've
>> used both Borland Together and IBM RSA. I prefer Borland
>> although IBM produces prettier diagrams - but I found it a
>> lot less intuitive. to use. Both come as Eclipse plugins and
>> work with whatever version control tools Eclipse is using.
>> There are other standalone UML tools too but it depends how
>> much of UML you want to use. If it's only a few basic class diagrams,
>> sequence diagrams and state diagrams then prettty much
>> anything will do. If you need to get into the more structural
>> aspects of UML (deployment diagrams, components, nested states,
>> activity charts, use-cases etc) then you might want to look at
>> paying out some money.
> If you're willing to pay for a CASE tool then check out Enterprise
> Architect from http://sparxsystems.eu/
> For the massive features I think it's reasonable priced (professional
> edition for 165 Euro + VAT).
> UML-Source Code integration with Python ... I don't know if it really
> works. You would need to limit your code to pure OO-style. Such
> integration might work with Java and C# (Enterprise Architect can do
> this: Change code -> update UML and vice versa). Nevertheless.
> Enterprise Architect supports Python for reverse engineering.
> For designing UIs: You will need another tool. It depends on your GUI
> toolkit. If you're planning to use PyQt  as GUI toolkit (which I can
> only highly recommend) you're lucky. It has GUI designer, which is quite
> nice.
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