[Tutor] vim as a python editor; FOLLOW-UP QUESTION

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Thanks for all the good advice guys!


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> "Joel Schwartz" <joel at joelschwartz.com> wrote
> > you experts whether it makes sense (or is even possible) to 
> use vim in 
> > Windows (I use Windows XP-SP3).
> Yes, vim is great on Windows.
> When i used unix primarily I was an emacs fan, but emacs just 
> doesn't feel right on windows to me so I moved to vim which 
> works hust as well in both OS.
> > One more question: IDLE does not appear to have a way to 
> review your 
> > command history, e.g., by hitting the up arrow.
> IDLE borrows from emacs and uses ALT-P and ALT-N.
> (FWIW Pythonwin uses Ctrl-UP/Ctrl-Down for the same purpose)
> > set up IDLE to do this? Alternatively, is there another 
> basic Python 
> > GUI that has the up-arrow command history feature and is 
> also good for 
> > Python coding in general?
> Pythonwin is better than IDLE for Windows users. It has 
> integration with COM for object browsing and also with the 
> Windows help system.
> And the debugger is much better than the IDLE one too.
> And it users the same editor control as Scite.
> Speaking of Scite, it is a pretty useful editor in its own 
> right and adds tabbed editing which Pythonwin doesn't have, 
> but OTOH it loses all the Python specific tools. my ideal 
> Windows text editor would be a combination of Scite and vim...
> Finally, if you have a PC big enough to run it well, Eclipse 
> and Pydev are a good combination. Especially if you also work 
> in Java or C++ etc
> And there are a bunch of others that folks like. IDEs and 
> text editors are very personal choices. Wingz, SPE, 
> PyCrust/PyAlaMode, and more.
> HTH,
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