[Tutor] specific recommendation for a Python book, to move from baby-level to intermediate-level

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Wed Feb 15 03:16:16 CET 2012

Hello!  I have finished reading some Python tutorials.  My favorite tutorial is the official tutorial at Python.org.

 am hoping to find a professionally designed, serious, university level book (with exercises, with 
a learning disc, and answers, and an elaborately helpful website) that will carefully and surely guide me through 
learning computer programming with Python version 3.  I want to be lifted up from a baby-level to an intermediate 

 don't want to spend a lot of time casually browsing through the 
websites, trying out different things.  I am in a rush to become a 
Python expert, I need a job!  I enjoy computer programming.  Python is my only programming language.

A note to Python Teachers:
     I downloaded Python version 3.2.2 on my computer.  Most Python books and tutorials are several years old, for older, outdated versions.  My learning Python got off to a slow start: Initially, I had spent over a week trying to figure out the (version 2) tutorial for "Hello, World!", and the print/print() situation.
     Today, there is a huge and growing number of online Python tutorials and websites.  My request is that the list of recommended tutorials be revised and updated.  There is a sizable amount of learning and tutorial info at Python.org that seems to be valuable historical information rather than urgent-read-now-tutorials for new beginning programmers.  For instance, there are some very well written Python tutorials from years 2009, 2007, and 2005.  An idea: Delete all references to tutorials that are not version 2 or 3.  And clearly label all the well-written version 2 tutorials, as being outdated version 2.
     For me, learning computer programming is easy, so far.  What is difficult is finding the proper tutorials, and learning how to manage the difference between version 3.2.2 and older versions.  For someone new to programming, the difference between version 3.2.2 and the older versions is enormous.  (I have a background as a professional classroom teacher.)

I am very eager to get kind help and wise counsel from others.  If I need to install install Python version 2, buy a version 2 university-level book, read some version 2 tutorials, and do some version 2 exercises, please let me know.  I want to quickly move myself from a baby-level to a capable, intermediate-level Python programmer.

Please contact me when you have time.  I am eager to connect with everyone and hear each person's comments.  Have a GREAT day!
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