[Tutor] Error getting cx_oracle to work with python 2.7

Danny Yoo dyoo at hashcollision.org
Tue Jan 13 20:25:41 CET 2015

On Tue, Jan 13, 2015 at 9:13 AM, Arvind Ramachandran
<arvind.ramachandran at sial.com> wrote:
> Hi  All
> I am trying to get import cx_oracle work on my windows laptop
> I installed cx_Oracle-5.1.2-10g.win32-py2.7 on my laptop which is 64 bit as
> the 64 bit msi seem to be specific for AMD desktops
> Anyways after installed I do find cx_oracle.pyd in the lib site packages
> folder
> But when I try to pip install cx_oracle it gives an error saying it is
> already established
> When I issue python -c 'import cx_oracle' the error I get is
> Import : EOL while scanning string literal
> When I issue python -c "import cx_oracle" the error I get is
> Import : No module named cx_oracle
> My oracle version is

Tutor is probably not going to be the best place to ask this database
question.  You should probably ask on cx-oracle-users:


By the way, please use copy-and-paste when showing the inputs and
outputs of what you're doing.  You should try to show verbatim output
for any bug report or request for technical help.  If you don't, you
can easily introduce mistakes that make it hard to diagnose what's
going on.

I think that you've paraphrased the output from some of the error
messages, and it's making it really hard to tell what's going on.  The
message you're reporting looks really suspicious:

    Import : No module named cx_oracle

because there are too many spaces between the colon and the message,
and it should be using the term "ImportError", not just "Import".  If
that's truly what you're getting, then something very strange is going

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