[Tutor] help with exercise 15 of zed shaw's LPTHW

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jul 6 04:10:02 EDT 2016

On 06/07/16 00:56, lohecn at tuta.io wrote:
> hey everyone. this is my first time trying this 

Welcome, but...

> you probably know the book,

Sorry, I don't and I suspect I'm not alone.
It's probably a fine book, but we don't all know it.

>  so you know that zed always makes us write code 
> so that then we can understand how it works, 

Good man Zed :-)

> exercise there are just too many new functions and without explanation they 
> are a bit hard to understand... so I'm having trouble with most of the lines 
> here.

And here's the next problem.
This is a text based mailing list. As such the server often strips out
attachments as potential security risks. So we can't see the code (I'm
assuming you attached it?)

> 1. the need to put script into an estipulation for argv (line 3)
> 2. the what is txt and why it has to be used there (line 4)
> 3. txt.read() -- which are all new functions(? I dont even know what they 
> are)  (line 7)
> 4. file_again (line 10)
> 5. txt_again (line 12)
> and line 14.

Without sight of the code its hard to know what's going on.
But I suspect some of these "functions" are actually variables
(or objects) and hopefully zed has already discussed those?

Can you repost but include your code inside the mail message.
Also try to post in plain text since HTML tends to get garbled
in transit.

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