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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jul 30 19:11:40 EDT 2016

On 30/07/16 16:28, Justin Korn via Tutor wrote:

> trivia_game.py

> import sys
> import random
> import Question.py

You do not include the .py extension in an import
statement. It should read

import Question

Also by convention modules use lowercase names.

> questions = [
>     Question("How many states start with the letter M", 3, ["6", "7", "8", "9"]),

You are trying to instantiate a Question object but it is (presumably)
defined in the question.py class which you import. If so you need to
prefix it with the module name like so


>     Question("What is the area of a right triagle with a hypotenuse of 10 and an altitude of 8", 1, ["24", "40", "48", "80"]),     
>     Question("Which physics quantity is not a vector", 4, ["Acceleration", "Momentum", "Torque", "Work"]),

List indices start from zero so your highest index should be 3.
Assuming you intend to use the '4' as an index to the correct answer?

>     Question("Who won super bowl 44", 1, ["New Orleans Saints", "Pittsburgh Steelers", "Minnesota Vikings", "Indianapolis Colts"])
>             ]
> random.shuffle(questions)    # Randomize the order of the questions
> for question in questions:
>     question.ask()
> Question.py

I'm expecting a class definition here with at least
__init__() and ask() methods. And it needs to store
the question, possible answers and correct answer
somewhere too?

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