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I spent a lot of time watching 18 different Python tutorials made by "The Bad Tutorials." I realized finally that they were not for me,

because in my opinion, the speaker on the videos skips steps. Also, he had his own personal name "put in" to his Python, but on my version, it just says the words "User Name," and "User Name" can't be changed on my version.

So, I'm looking for a new series of videos. I'm going to have to start at the very beginning all over again. Without recommending your own company or product 😊 who has a free series of YouTube videos on Python in which the speaker does NOT leave out steps in the video?


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On 12/29/2017 11:28 AM, Alan Gauld via Tutor wrote:
> On 29/12/17 16:43, Jay Kelman wrote:
>> I downloaded Python and when I look at IDLE it tells me to update TCL.
> Are you using a Mac by any chance? I seem to recall this used to
> be  a common issue with MacOS. If you google for "IDLE MacOS
> Tcl" you should find several links telling you how to fix it.
> If not a Mac then I'm stumped it should all work fine.

This Mac issue is definitely still current - yes there is information to
solve it, but people are having constant problems getting it to not
complain, we get an orgoing stream of these over at the python.org
webmaster alias, which isn't even supposed to be for Python problems. It
seems what is on the web about this isn't simple enough, complete
enough, or whatever.

Just a note: it's not certain that you will ever hit the problems, and
if you do, you certainly don't have to use IDLE to be happy and
productive with Python. IDLE != Python.  There are many many other
editors/development environments that can be used.  A bunch are listed
on the Python wiki:


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