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On 24/07/17 01:58, Alan Gauld via Tutor wrote:

> $ which python3
>> 	-bash: $: command not found  
> The $ is the OS prompt you are not supposed to type it in.

While on the subject you might also see something like

# <some command>

Which can mean one of two things
1) It's a comment and you should not type it in
2) It's a root level command and you should su to root
   before running it. (# was the default Unix prompt
   for super users)

The latter usage is dying out and usually replaced with

$ sudo <some command>

Which means that as an ordinary user ($) you type sudo
before the command. sudo should then prompt for your
user password before carrying out the command.

But the older # prompt style is still around in some
onlne tutorials.

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