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Alan Gauld alan.gauld at yahoo.co.uk
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On 04/05/17 19:44, Palm Tree wrote:
> Sorry i'm a bit new to automated testing.
> I have explored python wide and deep but can someone just tell me why as a
> coder i need automated testing?

You don't, you can test it all by hand.
But it will take you much longer, especially after
you've done, say, the 50th update to your program
and had to retest every feature for the 50th time.

Automated testing means you can type a command and
wait while the PC does the work for you, usually
only a matter of a few minutes to an hour - much
less than the several hours it would take you by
hand to do the very same tests.

And the automated tool doesn't forget or use the
wrong data with the wrong test etc. So its
more consistent.

And as you add new features you only need to add
a few new tests and those features get tested
each time too.

When you are starting out it seems like you spend
more time writing test cases than code 9and sometimes
its even true!) but if your project survives for
more than a few iterations its well worth the

And of course the corollary to that is that if
its a one-off tool that is only for you and
you'll "never use again" manual testing may be
adequate. (But its surprising how many of those
tools do get used again!)

> i have tried some googling but the explanations are a bit crazy.

Really? what kind of crazy?
There are several Youtube videos that cover
the reasons why, as well as the how to do it.
They are mostly short too.

And the reasons above are only scratching the
surface, there are many more gains that apply to
testing in general but are only practical if
testing is automated.

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